Book A Month Subscription Service

  • Posted on: 26 February 2020
  • By: subbooks

Each month we hand-pick and mail a book tailored to your or your loved one’s reading preferences.  Readers of all ages and interests are welcome.  A monthly subscription is the perfect gift!  

All taxes and shipping fees are included.  Fancy gift wrapping is an added bonus! 

Books you already own or just plain didn't like are fully exchangeable-- just bring in the book with the slip included with your shipment and pick out something else.  If you have any questions please give us a call at 314-862-6100 or email

Book A Month   

Tier 1 includes one of the following each month:

  • Two Children's Board Books
  • Children's Picture Book
  • Middle Reader Hardcover (or 2 Middle Reader Paperbacks)
  • Young Adult Hardcover (or 2 YA Paperbacks)
  • Three Children's Early Reader Paperbacks (typically ages 6-8)
  • Adult Fiction Paperback
  • Adult Non-Fiction Paperback

3 Months - $80

6 Months - $150

9 Months - $225


Tier 2 includes one of the following each month:

  • Adult Fiction Hardcover
  • Adult Non-Fiction Hardcover

3 Months - $125

6 Months - $225

9 Months - $330

Book A Month

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